Joyce Verfaillie

Joyce Verfaillie

Joyce Verfaillie

Unternehmen: European Pricing Platform

Expertentyp: Sachverständige / Gutachterin

Geburtsjahr: 1988

Muttersprache: Niederländisch

Fremdsprachen: Englisch

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Izegemsestraat 7 A3/4

8860 Lendelede


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Masterclass: the Pricing Toolbox, Training

The Pricing Toolbox Den richtigen Preis festzulegen ist eine sehr diffizile Angelegenheit und gleichzeitig ist es einer der wichtigsten Treiber für die Profitabilität eines Unternehmens. Diesem Thema widmet sich die European Pricing Platform deshalb umfassend und fundiert in einem zweitägigen Workshop. Dieser findet am 9....

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The Pricing Toolbox, Training

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The Pricing Toolbox: the Essentials and Advanced Methods, Training

Building on a validated theoretical framework as well as on many case studies from different industries, the seminar will convey insights that go beyond the classical assumptions and tools of price research and strategy. Traditional price management and the formal modelling of optimal prices are based upon the assumption of a rational...

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The Strategies and Tactics of Pricing, Training

The Strategies and Tactics of Pricing For Both B2B and FMCG Decision Makers ! Better price management is rewarding ! In the current environment of economic uncertainty where consumers are tightening their purse strings more than ever, it has never been more critical for your company to have the right pricing strategy in place to...

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Certified Pricing Manager program - level 3, Kurs / Schulung

  The EPP offers a unique and comprehensive accreditation program for pricing practitioners. The Certified Pricing Manager (CPM®) Program is the European standard for experienced pricing practitioners. The EPP CPM® program is an intensive learning opportunity, designed on skill sets that pricing...

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