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Dirk Lechtenberg, Geschäftsführer

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MVW Lechtenberg & Partner, DE-45481 Mülheim an der Ruhr

Lechtenberg & Partner is one of the world’s leading consulting firms for the implementation of alternative fuels from biomass and useable wastes in the cement and lime industry.

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MVW Lechtenberg & Partner, Beratung

DE-45481 Mülheim an der Ruhr

Die MVW Lechtenberg ist in den Bereichen Abfall und Energie beratend und planend tätig.   Schwerpunkte der Unternehmenstätigkeit sind die Bereiche:    Waste Management Recycling facilities...

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baustoffmarkt, Fachzeitschrift

DE-47051 Duisburg

Wirtschaftsmagazin "baustoffmarkt" Das Wirtschaftsmagazin für die Baustoff-Branche Der baustoffmarkt hat ein eigenständiges inhaltliches Profil mit einer klar definierten Zielgruppe. Er ist Informations-Mittler...

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Publikationen - Zementindustrie

One Chicken - One Watt, Beitrag - 2011

Poultry Litter as an Alternative Fuel

In the third excerpt from MVW Lechtenberg & Partner’s Alternative Fuels & Raw Materials Handbook, Dirk Lechtenberg describes the use of poultry litter as an alternative fuel for cement and lime. Due to be published in the summer of 2011, the...

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The cement industry in the Mena towards sustainability, Beitrag - 2012


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Global Cement Quality Control Conference, Beitrag - 2009


The Global Cement Quality Control Conference and exhibition 2009 has successfully taken place in Düsseldorf, with attendees from 13 countries. In total, 18 papers on aspects of quality control in the cement industry were presented over two days, covering the...

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Workshop Processing, Storage, Dosing and Feeding, Pressestimme - 2011

Mülheim/Ruhr, Germany (24.–25.03.2011) For the first time, Lechtenberg & partner organized a dedicated workshop focusing on the processing, storage, dosing and feeding of refuse derived fuels (RDF). With a limited number of 30 attendees from...

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Tyres as an alternative fuel, Beitrag - 2011

cement Industry

The use of alternative fuels and raw material is common practice in the European cement industry. Dirk Lechtenberg gives an overview of scrap tyres as an alternative fuel in this excerpt from MVW Lechtenberg & Partner’s Alternative Fuels & Raw...

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Spent cell linings from the aluminium smelting process as alternative fuel, Beitrag - 2009

Aluminium is the most widely used non-ferrous metal in the world, being adopted in almost all industries as well as becoming more and more important for the production of light products with a high strength and durability, eg, aircraft and structural elements, etc....

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The Clean development Mechanism as a tool for the cement Industry, Beitrag - 2008

US$135 for a barrel of oil and rising. In the meantime, oil prices of US$200 are being judged as realistic. The fact that secondary fuels can be an alternative to dependency on fossil fuels is  well-known in the cement industry owing to positive experiences in...

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The use of alternative fuels in the cement industries of developing countries - an opportunity to reduce production costs?, Beitrag - 2009

Nutzung von Alternativbrennstoffen in der Zementindustrie von Entwicklungsländern

The use of waste materials as alternative fuels in cement production represents an important contribution to environmental protection, especially for developing countries. MVW Lechtenberg has developed a 3-stage plan by which a cement works that plans to use...

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Joint Venture for Alternative Fuels, Beitrag - 2010

Nehlsen AG and MVW Lechtenberg found JV

Nehlsen, one of the “big five” environmental waste management companies in Germany, and MVW Lechtenberg & Partner start to focus on alternative fuel production, to deliver alternative fuels 'at the flame' for cement clinker production plants. Founded...

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Rebuilding Beirut with Alternative Fuels, Beitrag - 2007

MVW Lechtenberg supervises the first secondary fuel processing plant in the Middle East.

Secondary fuels have gained substantial recognition in Europe and are now used as part of the standard fuel mix in the cement industry. What is interesting and new, however, is that secondary fuels are also popular in countries where fuel costs are relatively...

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Veranstaltungen - Zementindustrie

Sekundärbrennstoffmarkt Deutschland, Workshop

Sekundärbrennstoffmarkt Deutschland Das Thema Ersatzbrennstoffe bzw. Sekundärbrennstoffe hat in der deutschen Zement – und Kalkindustrie einen festen Platz gefunden. Mittlerweile werden rund 60% des thermischen Energiebedarfes in der Zementindustrie durch aufbereitete und genau spezifizierte Sekundärbrennstoffe gedeckt....

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New technological developments in the field of cement Sustainable Development in Cement Industry Alternative Fuels Case Studies Quality assurance and quality control Laboratory automation New cements Modern process control techniques Industrial protection and occupational safety

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Alternative Fuels in Turkey, Kongress / Tagung

Seminar about Alternative Fuels in the turkish Cementindustry

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