Aircraft Design
Aircraft Design

Aircraft Design

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Aero - Aircraft Design and Systems Group

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Short Course

The module is intended for graduated engineers, equivalent professionals and/or managers. It is likewise suitable for specialists in search of a broader perspective as for newcomers to the field. The course is also designed for aeronautical engineering students up to PhD-level with an interest in aircraft design.

The module gives an insight into the procedures and the multidisciplinary interactions of aircraft conceptual design. The process of iterative synthesis and analysis in aircraft design is illustrated. A software tool for preliminary sizing is demonstrated. Methods and data to enable case studies of subsonic aircraft design are provided.

On completion of the module, delegates will

o know aircraft design parameters and methods.
o know the fundamental relationship of aircraft design parameters.
o be able to size and design an aircraft to the detail as covered during the module.
o have a capability to structure aircraft design activities systematically and efficiently.

The module includes lectures, a tutorial, a multi media presentation, case studies and an evening lecture (to be confirmed). Speakers are senior experts from industry and academia. A comprehensive set of course notes is provided.


Prof. Dr. Dieter Scholz, MSME

DE, Hamburg

Aircraft Design and Systems Group (AERO)

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