Dr. Andreas Löhmer
Dr. Andreas Löhmer

Dr. Andreas Löhmer

CH, Bruchsal


Unternehmen: Löhmer Management Consulting

Dr. Andreas Löhmer

Expertentyp: Berater, Vortragsredner / Speaker

Geburtsjahr: 1966

Muttersprache: Deutsch

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Werner-von-Siemens-Str. 2-6

76646 Bruchsal


Telefon: +49-7251-989034

Telefax: +49-7251-989035

Handy: +41-79-5117420

Skype: loehmer



As consultant and lecturer I have been working for a Swiss consulting company for nine years before taking on a new position in Paris. There I have been professionalising the installation of a corporate university for a global insurance company and leading its business faculty. Four years later I took over a new responsibility as Vice Director at the Executive School of Management, Technology and Law of the University of St. Gallen (ES-HSG) for the customisation of executive education programmes. In parallel, I founded my own consulting company in Switzerland in 2007.

My expertise covers corporate universities, managerial effectiveness, leadership, strategy and change in different cultures. In all of these topics I am prepared to consult as well as train in german, swiss-german, english and french.

Kompetenzen von Dr. Andreas Löhmer



All different kinds of changes are being dealt with; from individual change to organisational transformation. Certified instructor for the Change Pro (R) Simulation.

Systemisches Management

Offering a holistic model to better understand the organisation as a viable system. On top of that, the management system can reduce a lot of complexity within an organisation.

Strategisches Management

Strategy Development Processes; Strategic Optioning; Strategic Change

Mittelständische Unternehmen

All of the named competencies can be offered for midsized companies.


Can be offered to the above named topics (Management, Leadership, Strategy, Change).


Management, Leadership, Strategy, Change.


see Systemic Management


Consulting can be offered for Stratey, Effective Management, Change Processes.


Training can be done for the competencies named above (mainly Leadership, Effective Management, Change, Strategy).


Tools, Tasks, Principles of effective Management can be covered plus experience of roughly 20 years in business.

Publikationen von Dr. Andreas Löhmer

Challenging the Tailor

Challenging the Tailor

How to Effectively Customize Executive Education for the Companies' Benefit

Autor: Dr. Andreas Löhmer

Beitrag: 2012

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