Competitive Intelligence Projects (ICI-2)
Competitive Intelligence Projects (ICI-2)

Competitive Intelligence Projects (ICI-2)



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Institut für Competitive Intelligence (ICI)

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ICI-2 Competitive Intelligence Projects

For the real world application of CI fundamentals you will work on a complete CI case study

ImageCI basics are taught in this workshop using a case study. The CI process steps are practiced and CI tools and techniques absorbed. With the training from this course, typical process mistakes are less likely, because participants gain practical aptitude in applying CI methods and techniques. Through team work, interpersonal work techniques are encouraged and communication experiences established.

In this workshop you will learn how to use CI in practice. Independent preparation on the case study and the familiarizing with the applied analysis techniques is necessary before the day of the workshop.

The case study approach is an established method, especially in well known and respected business schools. General questions should be clarified in advance, so that the day of the workshop can be used intensively.

Workshop foci

Definition of the CI requirements
  • The context of the decision
  • Customer needs

Planning of the CI cycle

  • Determining KITs and KIQs - Key Intelli­gence Topics and Questions
  • Defining Intelligence goals, definition of a sur­vey strategy, mapping of sources

Execution of the CI cycle

  • Data collection (raw information from different sources and in different formats is provided, but has to be processed and analyzed)
  • Data processing (amongst others considering as an example a full text researchable data­base)
  • Qualitative CI analyses (competitor profiles, timeline analysis, SWOT, 5 forces industrial structure analysis, value chain analysis, competitive strategy analysis)
  • Reporting (presentation of the results to the attendees)

Development of a continuous competitive information system

CI-software and its use in support of the CI cycle

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