Essentials in Intercultural Management
Essentials in Intercultural Management

Essentials in Intercultural Management

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Referent: Walter Jahn

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Location of seminar: Munich

In this 1-day public seminar we sensitize your cultural radar by offering you valuable tools to recognize and deal with cultural challenges in your day-to-day work.

This course is intended for
  • employees who work outside of their home country
  • staff in daily contact with people from different cultures
  • managers and employees who work in teams with foreign colleagues
  • managers and employees who travel abroad extensively
  • spouses accompanying personnel transferred to foreign countries


The programme is designed to

  • increase your knowledge and insight for the importance of your own culture in determining your behavior
  • highlight the significance of other cultures' modius operandi / assumptions, reactions, expectations and behavior
  • sensitize you to identify cultural aspects in an international encounter
  • introduce you to a 'tool' (5-D model of G. Hofstede) to optimize daily work practices in an intercultural context

Programme outline

Morning 08:30 - 12:30

Introductions into culture - How do we perceive the world and how do others?
Intercultural Awareness Game
Exercise: Cultural Survey -The participant will look for their own cultural profile and get a better understanding of the meaning of cultural values.
The Cultural Framework 1 - Five cultural dimensions and their implications on business behavior

Afternoon 13:30 - 17:00 

The Cultural Framework 2 - An interactive presentation with many concrete and practical examples of the implications of culture in the daily work live.
Perception exercise - Participants reflect on their own observations and take first steps to transfer the framework 
Reflections and Actions - Summary and evaluation

Depending on participants the seminar can also be conducted in German.

For additional participants from same company the fee is reduced by 35%.

Walter Jahn

DE, Rosenheim

Managing Consultant

itim international

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