Go India for E-Publishing
Go India for E-Publishing

Go India for E-Publishing

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Autor: Anita Shukla, Frau

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European Business Magazine, Brussels

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Europe has just started discovering Asia´s second giant, India. The Indian Elephant now turned itself into a full scale service provider, offering complex services like programming or analyst research. India has emerged as the biggest outsourcing destination and E- Publishing has become the key to the progress of Indian publishing offshoring. Outsourcing for E-Publishing means buying editorial performances of an external content provider with greater specialized knowledge and lower production costs. Both applies to service providers in India.
Various competent suppliers of the new technology are found in the IT strongholds of India like Bangalore or Chennai but also in innovative regions like Delhi or Kolkata. Caused by fast and at the same time economical, Internet based communication channels and international job sharing publishing houses can realize different levels of the value chain with Indian partners.

Anita Shukla, Frau

DE, Hamburg


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