ICI-34 - Counter Intelligence
ICI-34 - Counter Intelligence

ICI-34 - Counter Intelligence


Referent: Rainer Michaeli, MBA


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Information is a company asset which must be categorized, quantified, and protected, just as much as any other asset. The security and protection of information is a management topic, not a technical problem. It is about people and processes.

Technology can help to reduce the risks to your information. Ultimately, it is people who produce these risks. The majority of information loss takes place not only within the organization, but also through suppliers and customers who have regular access to your information systems.

In this workshop, the fundamental forms of threats by corporate espionage will be shown and its defence (Counter Intelligence) will be introduced.



Workshop foci

Identification of threats

  • Identification and evaluation of information risks
  • Analysis of risks for the business against the background of already implemented defence measures
  • Monitoring information risks
  • Electronic eavesdropping: Eaves­dropping of rooms a reality or fiction?

Social engineering

  • Eavesdropping on own employees
  • Back-door recruitment into a company
  • Use of external personnel
  • Pretext calls
  • Recruitment
  • Analysis of weak spots and prevention
  • Employee training
  • Strategies against Social Engineering

IT- and TelCo security

  • Attack vectors against data and communica­tion networks
  • Weak spot analysis: human factor
  • Opportunities and limits of technical solutions

Safe communication

  • Secure and insecure methods of transferring data
  • Defending against attacks on communication structures
  • Minimizing the risk of communication

The Internet: a threat?

  • Safe research
  • Movement of records and data transfer
  • Dealing with harmful software



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