IP Strategy!
IP Strategy!

IP Strategy!


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FORUM · Institut für Management GmbH

FORUM · Institut für Management GmbH

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Do you need to set up an IP strategy plan? Do you need to convince executives of the plan? Our interactive course provides you with the necessary tools. After a systematic overview of IP strategy (options, value, content), our speakers give you two practical tools: (1) an IP Matrix and (2) a step-by-step methodology called DIPS (Design IP Strategy) to outline a strategic plan for IP (the emphasis is on patents). An online tool is also introduced to make implementing DIPS easier.
The IP Matrix is the starting point. The DIPS methodology provides techniques to map the competition and to benchmark the performance of your current IP portfolio. After this practical and hands-on course, you will be able to apply the IP Matrix and the DIPS methodology immediately to your daily practice and you will know how to set up, present, implement and monitor an IP plan step by step.


- Change IP management away from ad-hoc approaches
- DIPS Matrix: analyzing relevant facts, generating options for a strategic choice
- DIPS Methodology: making IP plans with a multi-disciplinary approach (competition mapping, SWOT, metrics, planning)
- Opportunity to work either on paper (forms) or with online tool
- Customizing DIPS tools to your (client’s) company
- Practical tips based on actual implementation of the tools with respect to (client’s) company’s IP maturity


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