Innovative IDoc Monitor with SAPUI5 App
Innovative IDoc Monitor with SAPUI5 App

Innovative IDoc Monitor with SAPUI5 App

User-Friendly Monitoring of SAP IDoc / EDI Data Exchange

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Innovative IDoc Monitor with SAPUI5 App
User-Friendly Monitoring of SAP IDoc / EDI Data Exchange
Vienna, June 30, 2017
Based on innovative IT technologies, the EPO IDoc Monitor enables business users to monitor the electronic exchange of business data with internal partners or external partners such as customers and vendors.
With the EPO IDoc Monitor, electronic business documents that are, for example, subject to electronic data interchange (EDI) are displayed in an extremely clear and tangible way. All SAP users can easily familiarize themselves with this new software tool. In-depth technical skills are no longer necessary to be able to monitor IDoc-based IT interfaces.

Web-Based User Interface Available on Mobile Devices and Within SAP
By applying the HTML5 technology that is also used for SAP’s Fiori and SAPUI5 apps, the status of SAP interfaces can be checked from mobile devices such as smartphones and tablet PCs. Consequently, the user can intervene, if necessary, from remote locations or when travelling. The SAP authorization system ensures that only the user with the right to see the IDoc data will have the relevant access to them or be allowed to change them.
After obtaining the EPO IDoc Monitor, both business and IT users will no longer think of using the SAP transaction BD87, which is the basis for EDI/IDoc processing in SAP.
In order to get a quick overview of all inbound and outbound business documents, the SAP user will enjoy the convenience of navigating through the HTML5 app, which also can be accessed through the SAP GUI user interface.

EPO IDoc Monitor Functionalities:
•      Selection of data according to SAP organizational elements, such as plant and accounting area
•      Presentation of IDoc data as an ALV list with various additional features
•      Processing of IDoc data directly from the EPO IDoc Monitor
•      HTML viewing and editing of IDocs within the SAP GUI user interface
•      SAP authorization reflecting document type, organizational unit and action
•      Optional: deep-link integration with the EDI platform provided by ecosio. With a single click, the ecosio user can trace the business document’s path to the recipient or check whether it has been forwarded.

Key Benefits
•      Ergonomic and convenient user interface
•      If required, business users can act immediately without having to wait until IT experts are available.
•      The IT department is relieved of this task, allowing the electronic data exchange to finally deliver real benefits.
•      The EPO IDoc Monitor is a cost-effective SAP add-on solution that relies on state-of-the-art IT technology.
Further Parameters
•      No IT or SAP prerequisites except for an existing SAP R/3 through the SAP S/4HANA system
•      Software deployment in the /EPO1/ namespace without SAP modification
•      Implementation time of less than one day: installation support and 2h remote setup are included
•      Ensured SAP S/4HANA certification, based on the underlying EPO Connector software

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