New Kids on the healthcare block: Threats or Opportunity
New Kids on the healthcare block: Threats or Opportunity

Dr. Uwe Andreas Amann

New Kids on the healthcare block: Threats or Opportunity

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Current levels of return in the healthcare sector are too low. Innovation is seen by many to be the key to changing that. But it must be done in a way which is seen by all stakeholders to be sustainable, including by reducing rather than increasing cost.

The purpose of this roundtable, which follows on a series of such discussions in London,
is to explore ways in which such innovation can be successfully integrated into operations.
The discussion will be based on Linklaters’ report on the topic, the results of which are summarised in the attached report and in the video interview, which will bring together senior people from a range of sectors and backgrounds to share their experiences and identify action that can be taken to achieve that goal.


Dr. Uwe Andreas Amann

DE, Köln

Head of Pharma and Healthcare

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