Waste to Energy
Waste to Energy

Waste to Energy

Opportunities and Challenges for Developing and Transition Economies

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ISBN: 1447123050

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Takes both a top-down and a bottom-up approach to waste-to-energy implementation

Analysizes best and worst case scenarios

Includes a theoretical, systemic approach to waste management

Solid waste management is currently a major issue worldwide with numerous areas reaching critical levels. Many developing countries and countries in transition still miss basic waste management  infrastructure and awareness. It is here that many of the solid waste management problems and challenges are currently being faced. As such, waste-to-energy (WTE) consists of a proven and continuously developing spectrum and range of technologies in a number of (mostly) developed countries. However, it’s integration in developing countries and systems in transition is often faced with scepticism and a complex set of barriers which are quite unique and differ greatly from those where WTE has been validated and applied over the years. Waste-to-Energy: Opportunities and Challenges for Developing and Transition Economies will address this issue both theoretically and using concrete examples, including:

  • contributions from numerous scholars and practitioners in the field,
  • useful lessons and rules of thumb,
  • both successful and failed cases, and
  • real-life examples and developments.

Waste-to-Energy approaches this dynamic  aspect of environmental engineering and management in a methodical and detailed manner making it an important resource for SWM planners and facility operators as well as undergraduate and post graduate students and researchers.


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