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"Lifeblood Knowledge"

Dynamic Relational Capabilities (DRC) and Knowledge for Firm Innovativeness and Competitive Advantage

Autor: Dipl.-Oec. Johann Schwenk, Dipl.-Bw. (FH)

Abstract: Purpose – The purpose of the underlying paper is to strengthen and develop the theory around (dynamic) relational capabilities for firm innovativeness and competitive advantage with focus on the resource knowledge. Therefore one objective is the...

Beitrag: 2009

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Customer frustration in loyalty programs

Customer frustration in loyalty programs

Autor: Dr. Maxie Schmidt

Do loyalty programs FRUSTRATE customers and how? What are measures against this? This is a critical question because frustration leads to alienation - the opposite of retention. This article answers the queation based on a market study and a case in the service...

Aufsatz: 2005

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Aufsatz: 2011

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Buch: 1997

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