Creative Leadership and Successful Future
Creative Leadership and Successful Future

Creative Leadership and Successful Future


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Creative Leadership and successful future
The prospects for companies to develop in global markets prosperous, have risen dramatically in the last 20 years. On the other hand the management requirements have risen to the same extent. Numerous models and tools have been developed in business administration in support of a successful entrepreneurial activities. The consequence are, that companies "hard facts" - such as structures, processes, and partly also the technologies used - became very equal.
For example in automotive industry, the same systems and processes are used to assemble cars and the assets of the assembly lines are developed and constructed by the same Plant Specialists and IT companies worldwide. If one stands in the middle of such type of modern assembly plant, one cannot initially tell whether he is currently in Taichung, Shanghai, Chicago or Munich.
Nowadays the decisions to buy a certain new car are rather on based on excitement or brand image than on quality and price difference.
Today greater differentiation potentials for companies will increased by the different configuration of "soft factors" like

  • another kind of management style,
  • another kind of working environment,
  • a new behavior with customers and
  • a new behavior with suppliers

are necessary.
The problems will become more complex because the generation Y of employees (The Millennials born between 1977 and 1998) require a new kind of leadership in the future. New different corporate culture must be created. To meet this great challenges a new kind of leadership must be applied in companies today.
Creative leadership is the powerful tool to handle these challenges, because it is defined as leadership which encourages, captures, cultivates and implements atypical, imaginative solutions and strategies which produce uncommon results that leads to highly different unique organization and cultures.
Creative leaders see the unrealized potential in everything, and they know how to lead a team to imagine an exciting way forward. Creative leaders don't panic in the midst of uncertainty, because beside linear thinking solutions the use creative problem solving which enhance the number of alternatives. That is why they don't freak out when a "storm" is coming.  They don't always look for mistakes and failures of team members. They see mistake and failure as chance for learning.
Learning objectives of this seminar:

  • Application of situational leadership style for effectiveness and efficiency
  • Learn to apply basic elements of creative problem solving methods in management.
  • Encourage to use nonlinear methods and applications of creative problem solving in generating new ideas.
  • Convey fun of innovation and creative thinking and encourage to apply in the workplace.
  • The development of natural human resources thoughts and emotional drivers for future success
  • Show the impact of cross-cultural impulses caused on the globalization effects in individual, social and entrepreneurial ways.
  • Sketch of the development of the more bureaucratic standard processes of the so-called "closed innovation" to the staff and environment overlook on more modern concepts of  “open innovation'.
  • Show practical quality assessment procedures to evaluate ideas and make it efficient

Who should attend this seminar?
Participants should have knowledge and/or practical experience in traditional leadership, supply chain, planning, organizing, human resources and controlling.
Common Companies
Top-level managers, Middle-level managers, basic-level managers, Executives, Supervisor, Team Leaders, Project Leaders

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