Enterprise Information Management with SAP
Enterprise Information Management with SAP

Enterprise Information Management with SAP

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Autor: Ginger Gatling

Erscheinungsdatum: 28.04.2012

ISBN: 1592294146

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  • Understand the big picture of SAP’s enterprise information management offerings
  • Explore step-by-step instructions for working with SAP Data Services
  • Learn how to perform the most important tasks in SAP Information Steward, SAP NetWeaver Information Lifecycle Management, SAP Master Data Governance, and more

A business is only as good as its data. The accuracy of enterprise information is the foundation for a business’ success—or failure. With this book, you’ll learn which SAP enterprise information management tools will help you to eliminate cracks in that foundation, and how to get started with these tools. Explore SAP’s different EIM products, assess which options are right for you, and then learn the basics of working with them. With just the right mix of overview information and hands-on, practical guidance, this book will help you ensure that all your decisions are based on clean and trusted information.


The author:

Ginger Gatling is a senior product manager with SAP NetWeaver Management. She joined SAP in 1997 and spent her first seven years within Educational Services at SAP America. She taught more than 30 classes, including SAP Business Workflow, security, SAP CRM Middleware, integration, and administration courses.

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