The Strategies and Tactics of Pricing
The Strategies and Tactics of Pricing

The Strategies and Tactics of Pricing


Referenten: Joyce Verfaillie, Dr. Bernhard Ebel, Dr. Markus Hofer

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European Pricing Platform

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The Strategies and Tactics of Pricing

For Both B2B and FMCG Decision Makers !

Better price management is rewarding !

In the current environment of economic uncertainty where consumers are tightening their purse strings more than ever, it has never been more critical for your company to have the right pricing strategy in place to guarantee customer loyalty and deliver sustained margin growth to your business.

Our aim, during this course, is to deliver the most concentrated and understandable shot of up-to-the-minute information which will help you and your company to deliver further profit in this harsh economic situation.

Check it out for yourselves and register. It´s now time to react !

Joyce Verfaillie

BE, Lendelede

European Pricing Platform

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Dr. Bernhard Ebel

EbelHofer Strategy & Management Consultants GmbH

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18.06.2012 - 19.06.2012 Köln Ingeborg van der Molen Kontaktanfrage
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