ICI-6 Fundamental CI Analysis Methods
ICI-6 Fundamental CI Analysis Methods

ICI-6 Fundamental CI Analysis Methods


Referent: Rainer Michaeli, MBA


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In this workshop, the fundamental methods of Competitivce Intelligence analysis are taught and practiced with examples. Command of these analysis techniques is a prerequisite for all subsequent "higher-order" analytical processes. To plan efficient CI projects, it is necessary to provide the data required for each analytical tool, and is only possible if one has acquired at least working knowledge of CI analysis techniques.


Workshop foci

SWOT (Strengths/Weaknesses/ Opportunities/Threats)

Determining one's own strengths and weak­nesses as well as the opportunities and threats from the competitive environment is by nature one of the principal tasks of CI. A great amount of competitive information is to be considered in this respect. One's own strategies can be derived from a SWOT analysis.

5 forces industrial structure analysis/strategic groups, according to Michael Porter

The "classic" industrial structure analysis ac­cording to Michael Porter is the foundation for identi­fying the forces that act upon an industry and that influence its future development. The forces to be considered are: bargaining power of the suppli­ers, bargaining power of the buyers, rivalry among competitors, threats of new entrants and threats of substitutes. Competitors, with their activities, can then be classified with a resultant improved ability to anticipate future actions.

Competitor profiling

Competitor profiles are the foundation for the evaluation of competitor potentials and inten­tions in the competitive arena.

Different options of demonstration (tables, data­bases, charts) are highlighted. Lastly, the result­ing analyses (e.g. reaction profiles, threat poten­tial, competitor strategies) are explained and practiced.

Portfolio Analysis

Portfolio Analysis is a concept frequently used to visualize complex data. Usefulness and limits of several techniques are discussed based on examples.

Analysis of competing hypothesis (ACH)

How to proceed, when at the end of your analysis several (competing) hypothesis emerge? The methodology of “analysis of competing hypothesis (ACH) is a structured, rational way for selecting winning decisions.


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